Invest like the elite with kvants AI

L2 ZK-Rollup for on-chain quantitative trading strategies developed by leading hedge funds.

  • Invest in AI-Driven Quantitative Trading Strategies developed by leading hedge funds via the Kvants Platform.

  • Analyze the key performance metrics of all strategies to make an educated investment decision.

  • Available strategies tested on live accounts with $100,000+ for atleast 6 months.

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Average Compounded Annual Growth Rate of the Algorithms available on the Kvants Platform


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AUM Managed by Quant Strategies available on the Kvants Platform


Return of highest performing Quantitative Strategy available on the Kvants Platform

AI-Driven Trading Strategies

Kvants AI democratizes investing in quantitative & algorithmic funds by introducing a fully compliant fractionalized fund subscription model, which reduces the minimum investment requirement and allows users to allocate their capital to trading strategies previously only available to a select few. 

Curating the top-performing quantitative strategies and fractionalizing them for our users. Kvants AI functions on a feeder fund-of-funds model where users can select individual funds to invest in. Ranging from market volatility prediction to High-Frequency Market Making Algorithms and more. 


How Kvants leverages the power of aI

Kvants brings AI-Driven Quant Strategies to crypto investors via a sophisticated and easy-to-navigate platform. Select, analyse and invest in strategies developed by experienced analysts with track records in leading investment banks such as JP Morgan & Citi Group. Leveraging AI-Driven trade execution models to stay ahead of the market.

Hedge Fund Investment Opportunities, Democratized!

Earn Passive Alpha

Diversify your crypto portfolio via institutional-level trading strategies

Every Institutional level AI Trading Strategy offered to investors on the Kvants Platform has gone through a rigorous due-diligence process of testing and proof-of-concept, with real capital allocation to verify reported trading returns prior to offering the tokenised strategy on the platform. 

Features of the kvants Platform


Invest into quantitative trading strategies developed by institutional hedge funds and approach alpha generation from an alternative avenue. Expand your portfolios horizons via the tokenised NFT Fund Subscription Models.


Institutional-level due diligence, providing access to the latest trends, reports, and macro/micro analysis. Stay up-to-date and gain a competitive edge in trading and personal portfolio management. With the latest news, and insights.

Token Utility

The $KVNT Utility Token is at the epicenter of the entire Kvants Ecosystem:

  • Platform Access
  • DAO Governance
  • Staking & Yield Farming
  • NFT Marketplace Rebates

Users need to mint a free KYC NFT to verify their identity for full-compliancy and then stake a $KVNT tier that determines their maximum subscription size into the tokenised funds available on the Platform. 

The $KVNT token benefits form the increase in AUM of the Kvants Platform where a percentage of the performance fee’s charged get utilised for active token buy-back.


The KvantDAO will be initiated and utilised to vote on the selection of the forward direction of the kvants ecosystem and platform.

A user can become a KvantDAO Governance Council Member by holding & staking a certain amount of $KVNT tokens which prompts them with voting rights.

The KvantDAO can vote on the next AI-Algorithms that are submitted for tokenisation after the strategies get presented to the KvantDAO via a pitch from the analysts of the hedge fund strategy.

  • DAO Governance
  • $KVNT DAO Staking
  • 1 $KVNT = 1 Vote
  • Self Improvement Proposals

Available AI-Trading Strategies

Volatility Based Strategy​

The volatility-based AI-Neutral strategy developed by former Citi Group analysts has managed $1.4B AUM on traditional equity markets before being re-adjusted to harness the additional volatility available within cryptocurrencies. Enabling investors to profit from volatility within the cryptocurrency markets in multidirectional price action environments due to its long/short neutral nature.

Market Making Quant Strategy

A crypto market-making strategy profits from negative maker fees by placing limit orders that add liquidity to the market. When these orders are filled, the exchange pays a rebate (negative fee) to the market maker, converting the cost usually associated with trading into a source of profit.


Funding Rate Arbitrage Strategy

Funding Rate Arbitrage in crypto trading involves exploiting differences in the funding rates between two exchanges. A trader takes offsetting positions on two platforms, one with a positive funding rate and the other with a negative rate. As long as the rates remain as such, the trader collects the funding rate payments from both exchanges. The positions hedge each other against price movements, but risks arise from potential imbalances due to large price swings or differing liquidation levels.

The $KVNT Token

Earn Passive Alpha

How to invest via the Kvants platform!

1) Mint a KYC NFT

The KYC NFT serves as a unlock key to the entire Kvants Ecosystem. Mint a KYC NFT, pass KYC/AML verification via our integration with BlockPass and get verified to start investing in minutes.

2) Stake a $KVNT Tier

Stake a 10% collateral corresponding to your desired investment amount. For example, if you invest $10,000 via the Kvants Platform, you will be required to stake a minimum of $1,000 worth of $KVNT tokens.

3) Explore available strategies

Learn about the Strategies fundamentals and review key performance ratios such as the Sharpe Ratio, Calmar Ratio, and maximum draw-down to better understand the AI-Driven strategy’s fundamentals.

See the Hedge Funds quarterly updates, past performance, subscription terms, and redemption period. 

4) Select an AI-Driven Trading Strategy

Every strategy offered on the Kvants Platform has been carefully vetted and has been developed by a leading hedge fund. 

Select an AI-Driven Trading Strategy that suits your risk appetite and maturity period and deploy your capital into the fund via minting the Subscription NFT, representing your contribution to the fund.

Our Investors & Partners

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What is and what does it offer? is a decentralised asset management platform that offers access to AI-enabled trading strategies. It’s a platform that curates industry-leading trading algorithms backed by AI and machine learning to make and support better investment decisions.

It is the leading platform for tokenised machine learning and AI-driven trading strategies.

The platform empowers investors by providing them with access to institutional-level AI trading strategies.

Kvants refers to the plural of multiple quantitative algorithms.

What is the core product of

The core product of is the decentralized asset management platform that offers retail investors access to institutional level tokenised funds. has already partnered up with a leading hedge fund strategy, and tokenised its AI Neutral Trading Strategy on the platform. 

With many more top-level strategies to come, council members of the KvantDAO will be able to vote on which strategies to tokenise next.

Product Market Fit - Why is now a good time to develop a specific trading AI?

The asset management industry is expected to reach $147.4 trillion by 2025, and the adoption of AI- driven trading strategies could help drive growth in the industry by improving investment decision- making and performance.

The global AI market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 39.7% from 2021 to 2026, with the market size expected to reach $309.6 billion by 2026.

The global quantitative trading market size was valued at $10.31 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Retail investors can benefit from quantitative AI-based strategies to capitalize on market movements, such as volatility, and aims to bring the best AI-driven trading strategies developed by industry leaders to retail investors via a tokenized basis.

What is's vision? aims to bring the power of AI-driven algorithmic trading to retail investors’ portfolios via an intuitive decentralised asset management platform.

The platform enables retail investors to invest in AI-driven strategies developed by leading hedge funds for as little as $500, making it feasible for regular investors to access the same tools as institutional-level investors.

By tokenising AI-driven strategies, aims to lower the barrier of entry and enable retail investors to diversify their portfolios into alternative methods that hedge on the volatility of the market and offer investors a new direction from which they can achieve alpha generation for the growth of their portfolios.

How can provide investors with a diversification edge?

AI trading strategies can analyse vast amounts of data and quickly identify patterns and trends that are difficult for human traders to detect, leading to more informed and timely investment decisions.

AI trading strategies can identify opportunities across a wide range of digital assets, providing investors with sufficient diversification and a high Calmar ratio.

AI trading strategies can quickly adapt to changing market conditions and adjust the exposures trading direction in real-time, enabling investors to grasp the competitive edge of market volatility and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Decentralised blockchain-based AI trading strategies can offer investors greater transparency into the decision-making process and portfolio performance, helping investors to make more informed decisions and build trust in the platform.

What is the full KYC/AML compliance requirement on the Kvants platform?

To use the Kvants platform, users need to complete the full Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti- Money Laundering (AML) compliance process. This process requires users to verify their identity, and the platform uses third-party verification tools to ensure that the provided information is valid and accurate.

What is an NFT-based fund subscription?

An NFT-based fund subscription allows users to subscribe to a fund on a decentralized NFT model basis. By doing so, users can gain access to a range of AI-driven quantitative trading strategies and benefit from their returns.

What is the role of the News/Report Platform on the Kvants platform?

The News/Report Platform on the Kvants platform allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, reports, and macro/micro analyses of the global crypto and equity markets. It offers institutional-level due diligence to retail clientele, which can help them gain a competitive edge with their trading and personal portfolio management.

What is Kvant Analysis on the Kvants platform?

The Kvant Analysis on the Kvants platform is a service that allows users to stay up-to-date with current market affairs and updates provided by the Internal Kvant Analysts. This service offers weekly market reports, macro/micro crypto relevant news on global affairs, and detailed Kvant Analyst investment analysis into a new algorithm.

What are the benefits of AI-driven trading strategies on Kvants?

AI-driven trading strategies on Kvants aim to make and support better investment decisions by leveraging the power of AI. They provide a unique opportunity for retail investors to allocate capital in ways that were once only available to a select few. The platform also provides regular strategy performance updates, Q&A sessions, and podcasts with hedge fund managers to help investors make informed decisions.

How does Kvants differentiate itself from traditional asset management protocols?

Kvants differentiates itself from traditional asset management protocols by offering access to top AI- driven trading strategies developed by leading hedge funds. The platform provides greater transparency into the investment process, which can help to build trust with retail investors. It also enables fractional ownership and easy trading in and out of positions, making it more accessible to retail investors.

What is the role of the Kvants DAO Governance?

The Kvants DAO Governance provides a decentralized governance model for the platform where token holders can propose and vote on changes to exclusive rights to receive the monthly payouts from the fund’s performance. These NFTs are tradable on open marketplaces and can be bought and sold like any other NFT. Additionally, NFT holders receive discounted performance fees and additional APY distribution when they stake their NFTs on the platform. The NFTs also allow for fractional ownership of the underlying assets, making it accessible to retail investors who might not have been able to invest in the asset directly otherwise.

What is the subscription/redemption process for Kvants AI algorithms?

To subscribe or redeem Kvants AI algorithms, investors can do so via the platform. They purchase an ERC-721 token that serves as the certificate of contribution into the select fund and gives its holder redemption rights once the fund’s maturity date has passed.

What are video explainers and how are they helpful to investors?

The platform provides video explainers on the underlying strategy of each AI Trading algorithm to help investors better understand how the strategies work and make informed investment decisions.

How does the Kvants platform accommodate regulatory compliance?

The Kvants platform requires users to successfully pass KYC/AML measures, accommodating the compliance standards required while retaining DeFi and decentralized principles to provide a safe and compliant investment platform for retail investors.

What is the core revenue generation for the KVANTs platform?

The core revenue generation for the KVANTs platform is derived from the performance of the Quantitative AI algorithms offered in the platform in the form of a performance fee. 

What is the economic incentivization for the community?

The profit generated by the performance fee is used to contribute back to the economic incentivization for the community via the buyback and burn of $KVANT utility tokens, performance- backed APY, and liquidity locks.

What are the deflationary token economics of the $KVANT token?

The $KVANT token has deflationary token economics, where the $KVANT utility token supply is repurchased via the profits that the AI algorithm generates. Meaning a portion of the platform performance fees generated will be utilized to buy back the $KVANT token from the open market.

How are token buy-backs affected by AUM growth?

AUM growth results in larger token buy-backs from the open market on a monthly basis.

What happens to tokens purchased from the open market?

The tokens purchased from the open market are split between redistributed revenue to users who stake their contribution in a locked pool as a productivity-supported APY and partially burned to actively decrease the circulating supply.

How is the performance fee discount and Kvant bonus affected by the lockup period of the NFT?

The longer the lockup period of the NFT, the greater the performance fee discount and Kvant bonus the NFT holder will be eligible to receive.

What is the benefit of staking sNFT in a dedicated lock pool?

Staking sNFT in a dedicated lock pool makes the staker eligible to receive reward multipliers paid out in $Kvant tokens from the performance fee buy-back scheme and incentives from the $Kvant treasury.

What is a subscription NFT (sNFT)?

A subscription NFT (sNFT) serves as a subscription certificate giving its holder redemption rights to redeem the accrued alpha generated by the AI-driven trading strategy on the maturity date.

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